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New to the community. Intros not my thing.


I really think he's the most creative. His Fashion Week showing was less shocking (maybe less "Santino"?) than I had hoped it to be, but it was still more interesting than Daniel's or Chloe's. Regardless, I think he'll go far. He's a crazy fucker, he'll find a way. >D

(I have the urge to call him Rice-san...)
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I honestly though he was going to win seeing as he was getting more publicity with being on talk shows and whatnot. His collection, I don't think it was "safe" as they claimed, I just think it's a different side of santino and he proved he can infact do high-end designs. I didn't like Chloe's collection at all. Like i've said it's like the 80s threw up on her collection. Daniel's collection wasn't too impressive and his handbags looked super tacky.
he was getting more publicity with being on talk shows and whatnot.

That just shows that he's controversial. :P

I don't think it was "safe" as they claimed

I think it was pretty safe compared to the shiny leaves scenario, but... agree to disagree. :D

his handbags looked super tacky.

The handbags... killed me a little on the inside. I mean, the handle on that one bag was just so... BIG. Does a bag need a handle that big...? I know fashion can be irrational sometimes, but... argh.

I also hated the tassels. Maybe I'm a fashion snob, but tassels make me sick.
So, although I wanted Santino to win, I know regardless that this *definately* isn't the last that we'll see of him. (He offered ten customized t shirts for a little over $100 dollars on his website and the shirts sold out in less than an hour.)

I definately believe that Santino is a strong creative force to be reckoned with and I'm glad to Project Runway brought him into the public eye.