(Stella) (theinnerlight) wrote in santinorice,

...I've been cheating...

I love Santino's lavender dress with the military jacket/blazer over it. LOVE-IT!

I think I liked his collection the best, but for some reason...with a lot of the stuff...I have the same problem that Heidi was always talking about that it's too short up on top. I don't know...it just seems the way he proportions out his stuff-it looks odd.

There was one Santino piece that was like AAAHHH what is that!?!? Can you guess which one?
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ya i love that piece too!

the "ahhh what is that!" piece...was that the leathery long sleeved poofy top with that almost see-through silver skirt? because i had the saaame reaction to that ahha
it was kinda similar to chloes pink puffy dress though, i dunno what they were thinking with those two outfits lol

I totally thought that too. I agree with you. They were trying to be innovative and you know how Santino was like, "Chloe's collection looks like a couch just popped out at me"? Well, he should be careful what he says because that piece looked like a leather couch ready to attack.

lol oh well. He can say what he wants. He's <3SANTINO!

Ahahah yep-that's the one! 10 points for you! xo